Contemporary dance performance with with remotely controlled LEDs in costumes.

Direction: Ederson Rodrigues Xavier
Choreography: Ederson Rodrigues Xavier and the Transitions Dance Company
Costume: Suzie Holmes
Lighting: Andrew Hammond
Trinity Laban, London, 2015


Urgent physicality. A mysterious atmosphere. The piece develops bonds formed through dynamic and sensitive partnering, solitary moments, group passages and intricate physical puzzles. One simple movement phrase blossoms into a multifaceted, rhythmic journey.


Dancers wear costumes with sewed LEDs in. They need to be remotly controled by a lighting desk. The module must be very small to fit in dancers costume, also needs to be sweat and crash resistant. Power must last 30mins minimum.


I designed, programmed and build tiny modules based on EPS8266 ESP-12 chip. The module connects to designated WiFi network and listens for his Art-Net address. Received value is converted to PWM. The ESP-12 PWM output drives the LEDs strip via MOSFET transistor.

The ESP8266-12F module was glued upside-down, metal shield side to 9V battery clip. A 3V3 DC-DC converter and other components were mounted on top of the ESP. All sealed with hot glue and closed up with heat shrinking tube.

Used software:

The biggest challenge was to provide suficient power for wifi module and particularly for 1m LEDs strip which was sawed into dancers costumes. I chose 9V standard battery, they are safer then LiPo and more practical for touring - flying with. 9V was enough to run 12V LEDs strip with sufficient brightness. 

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