Shiver Me Timbers

Multimedia Server for a stormy sea installation.

Artistic Director, Choreographer: Rachel Jonhson
Scenography & Lighitng Design: Shizuka Hariu

The Word, South Shields, 2017


An interactive exhibition installation where sound and lights sequence is triggered by audience entering the installation space – The Pod.


To design and build reliable and stable device which will run lights, sound, motion sensor.


I designed, programmed and built a mini multimedia server based on Raspberry Pi 3 board with UPS board and Enttec USB2DMX modules. The server were controlling lights, sound and sensor.

I used minimal headless version of Debian operating system with QLC+ and Node-Red applications installed. QLC+ run lights sequence and playback sound track. The Node-Red controlls sensor, triggering lights cues, sound cues, schedule, system monitoring, diagnostic MQTT messaging etc. QLC+ was linked with Node-red over OSC. The server run the exhibition for over half a year faultless.

The MQTT messagaes were subscribed and stored in a cloud database. Counter and visit chart are generated with grafana from stored data.

Other works:

Motorized Microphone StandRemote controled platform for mic stand

True Light Model Box3D printed miniature light fixture.

The Hairs Of Your Head Are NumberedSensors for monitoring audience's pulse and GSR. Theatre performance.

Stranges & OthersMidi Interface for controlling Qlab. Immersive & participatory piece.

TrappedHead-torches controlled by lighting desk. Dance/theatre work.

TwelveRemotely controlled LED stripe in costumes. Contemporary dance performance.

SiegfiredController for special effect. Opera performance.

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